Feature request: dialog audience based on survey score

I wanted to create a dialog directed to those who scored us low on an NPS survey we previously sent out, but I was surprised to see this option doesn't exist (yet). For now you can only use Survey scores as an audience rule for email engagements. It might be an idea to introduce this for all engagements?

I agree, this is similar to https://community.gainsight.com/conversations/email-targeting-based-on-viewcompleted-rules-in-dialog-engagements-5d96fc5b904e1937f3b94cb2

This is a great request in my opinion, Laura, thanks! @ciarapeter @mickey @shira

I have another vote for this! 

Hello @mickey @skalle,


We have similar use case where one of our customer would like to have a redirection URL for the promotors of the NPS survey to the sites like G2 or TrustRadius in order to share their product feedback in those sites.

+1 for what @rketharaju said.


would LOVE to have a dialog right after promoter. this way I could advertise something like a $20 dollar GC for leaving us a review at G2 or TrustRadius. it’s capturing them at the best moment

I actually can’t quite believe we CAN’T do this tbh. I can send an email off the back of an NPS score but not send a targeted in-app? I feel like I’m missing something - which this idea would absolutely fix! Great suggestion @lauraramosrp 

This has been released in May’22 cycle. Please refer the post -