[Feature Request] Allow Success Plan Collaboration/Chatter to post on Account level like CTA Chatter Configuration

Posting on behalf of a customer.

Currently with Gainsight Call to Action Configuration, users can set up which level chatter posts will post on. It can be Account, Call To Action, or Customer. 

However currently chatter posts in Success Plans seems to default to CTA Group. It would be nice to have the same feature above to get visibly on Account Chatter. This would include Relationship Success Plans and 360.
This is huge.  The widget looks EXACTLY the same in the "Collaboration" section of a success plan as it does for every other Chatter interface.  I would love to have the tags that are pre populated to show on the SFDC chatter feed to that people can actually click into them.  

What is the point of having a "collaboration" section in the success plan if you have to drill into the success plan first!!!!

Please please please sync this.... 
+1 on this idea! 
Thanks for the idea, will we take it up based on the number of customers asking for it.


+1 on this idea!