External links - Ability to add relative links

I would like to add a relative link so that the link opens the correct site for the environment.

For example, I want to add a relative link so that it will open the QA release notes site from the QA environment and the production release notes site from the production environment.

Hey @ag543, thanks for posting on Community. Forwarding this to the Product team to look into and circle back with their thoughts on the same. 

Hi @ag543 , We donot use the relative paths like files. However PX has this concept of auto resolve. Can you check the support document to see if this will resolve your usecase https://support.gainsight.com/PX/Engagements/01On-boarding/Handle_Dynamic_URLs_with_Auto_Resolve_Feature


@skalle Thanks for the information. Can you confirm if auto resolve is supported for external links? I get an error message that says that the link is invalid.

For example, we use the following links:

I get an error (invalid link), when I use auto resolve for part of the domain: https://$px-auto-resolve.myapp.mycompany.com/releasenotes/