Exposing User APIs

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Creating this request on customer’s behalf.


Use case: When customer is creating users via APIs the users are created as case insensitive records, where as when we build a rule or update the username or emails they are converted to lower case automatically. This API user creation will have downstream impacts since many application areas inside gainsight work with case sensitive data.


I request you to fulfil this product gap and expose user APIs for customer use so that there wouldn’t any issues like mentioned above.




Hi @jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri, thank you for your post. Sending this to our Product Manager to look into and circle back to you with a possibility of fulfilling this request. 

@Neha Gupta  Can you please look at this.

Hi @jagadeesh_kumar_paidimarri,

Have pinged you on Slack to understand the issue.

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Updated idea statusIN DEVELOPMENTImplemented

External User APIs are available with our 6.33 Release

Hi @Neha Gupta , Thank you! This is great news!