Exporting Custom Events and their attributes

Hello everyone,

I would like to have the possibility of exporting my Custom Events and their attributes into an excel (or similar) file for the following common use case:

  • suppose you have a few Custom Events with 50+ attributes
  • suppose that recently there was a need to redefine the Custom Events by adding new attributes (and by all means keeping all the “old” ones)
  • your devs notified you that they implemented the requested changes - like always, you need to check if the new version of your Custom Event was deployed like intended (still having all the “old” attributes and now having the new attributes with the right logic)
  • after checking it, you need to give a feedback to the devs

Usually, this is really not an issue (even though it’s a tedious job to do), but when having a few Custom Events to check&compare with each of them having 50+ attributes - it feels crazy to do it manually.

Suggested solution (easily achievable if the Custom Events export would be available):

  • you have previously saved a list of all the attributes which your Custom Event had until now (let’s suppose you saved it in an excel)
  • you export the newly deployed Custom Event with all it’s attributes and you copy-paste all these attributes in the same excel from the previous point
  • you can now use a simple “match” function to determine which attributes are present and which aren’t - finishing all the work in a few minutes


@dorian_cudina Thanks for bringing this up here! This is redirected to product team.

Hello @dorian_cudina,

Thank you for suggesting this. This is also on our roadmap and should be out in next few releases!

Thank you for your reply Chandu! This is great news and I’m really looking forward to it :)

Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the April 21 release. Users can now export the Query Builder report data as a CSV file to suit your needs of insights or further analysis.

Thanks for posting!