Export user activity

It would be great to able to generate a raw export of all events from all users in a given account.

For example, if an account has 17 users, I would like to export an aggregate list of the “Recent Activity” in one long list for all 17 users.

This would make it easy to do some Excel post-processing to analyze patterns in a given customer context. 

Our Query Builder is meant to do the reporting that you are interested in and then having capability to export also has been added to Query Builder. Could you please explore this and let me know if that suits your requirement?

Hello @skalle,


Thanks for your reply on this thread. However, Admins are looking for data, based on event-driven rather than user data. Meaning a list of events a user has performed, from the below screenshot we are looking for those 11 events and those time stamps when Mia Wills has clicked on the Join feature.



Can you share a bit more on the use case and what kinds of analysis would be done using this data? PX has a number of powerful analytics capabilities, including path analysis, retention analysis, and other tools out of the box, so we’d like to understand what gaps you’re seeing. It can help us determine if our OOTB analytics can be enhanced to cover this. Our hope is to minimize the amount of manual manipulation that is needed in spreadsheets. 

this kind of feature is needed for cases such as security or data access issues in the scenario where we need to be able to export and view all of the accessed areas of the application. right now, I have to copy and paste a huge list and it’s a painful experience. would rather just choose my users and export all of their activity in the application.

Thanks for that additional detail @skilpatrick . The use case you described of a type of security audit isn’t really one of the core use cases that PX was designed for, but it’s an interesting corner case. It’s a bit unusual as the typical repository for security audits would be the base application itself, not an add-on like how PX behaves. I’m guessing that in your case your application does not have robust audit logging or it’s difficult to get that data from the tech ops/engineering team?

@dan_ahrens  thanks for the reply - it’s not that we don’t have auditing in place, we do. But parsing the data and giving access to folks that may need it quickly is the issue. we have folks in our legal dept and other areas that have access to gainsight and could return these results much quicker than scanning the DB. also, our logs only go back 90 days in some cases. gainsight has the access and usage logs from time user initially starts using our app.