Export previously uploaded XLIFF file in PX engagements

Currently, when you export the XLIFF file for an engagement, it exports just a blank file based off the base English engagement, rather than the existing XLIFF file. I believe the intended use case for re-exporting an XLIFF file is when the base engagement changes and thus the <source> tags (at least in XLIFF 2.0) change as well.

However, our PMs are finding they frequently want to:

  1. Make small translation changes that aren’t based off changes in the base engagement.
  2. Make small changes to the base engagement that don’t require a full re-translation, just a few modifications to the XLIFF.

This means that in order to avoid fully re-translating when we have a small translation or engagement edit, we have to maintain our own repository of our previously uploaded XLIFFs.

We would like the option to re-export the currently populated XLIFF file instead of the blank one, as PX is clearly already storing them.


This is a good idea @VBennyGainsight!

What we recommend for these small changes is to directly edit those language versions of the Engagement directly in PX.


Hi Link,

That workaround does work for us. Thanks!