Export labels of engagement

It would be great if Gainsight PX provides a way to filter engagements based on the assigned labels (front end). At least, label information should be accessible using the /v1/engagement end point of the REST API. 

Generating and maintaining engagements require different steps to be executed by different roles and users (e.g. design, localization, QA, ...). To manage these steps I’d like to introduce processes covering generation and maintenance. I’d also like to use the labels to document the steps and the ownership with regard to a specific role.

However, to get an overview of all engagements I have to individually check each entry manually. Moreover, using the REST API the label information is not available.

Example use case:

Since I know that QA has a lot on their desks at the moment, I would like to check whether this becomes a bottleneck for the upcoming release.

  • I login to Gainsight PX, go to the engagement overview and filter the engagements by the tag “QA approved”, OR
  • I fetch engagement information using the REST API, generate a CSV and manually filter the csv entries by label using my favorite spreadsheet program.


@parx thank you for sharing your request here. We will check the possibilities and get back to you.