Export directly from Data Management

Currently if we want to export data that is housed in the MDA, we need to either build a custom report and export it, or build a rule that exports to S3.

Is there anything on the roadmap that will allow us to just export a table straight out of the MDA (Data Management)?  This would be a bit easier since I would not require any extra configuration to retrieve the data.
100%  I just asked for this as well.

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Good Afternoon-

I'm the new gainisght admin, and I am trying to wrap my head around how the MDA is structured, what data is there, what field names are there, etc. so I can properly create rules, reports, etc.

Is there a way to export all MDA data to a .csv so it can be opened in Excel?

Maybe with different tabs for different data spaces?


+1 to this. Having to build a report can be extremely painful especially if there are many columns in the object that need to get added to the report one by one.

+1 This would be very helpful, pretty annoying to have to pull data into a report.

+1 definitely saves a lot of time if we have an option to Export the object data from the Data Management section/screen only.

+1 definitely saves a lot of time but we may get struck when its more data.

Yeah, having to add every single field one by one in reporting or having to create a rule is an absolutely horrid workflow. This is a major miss thats some pretty basic stuff, in my opinion.

@ryanm  I will get back to you after internal discussion.

@ryanm If the only thing you are looking to do is to view the data, you can do this by going to Administration > Data Management and selecting the object you are interested in, and then selecting the menu option for Data. This will let you view the data that is in that table.


Providing CSV export from DM may be technically challenging when the data size is big.

Hey @ssamarth no these are specifically for exporting. some other platforms email a download link after compiling it on a server, but this type of export with the option to include all fields without having to add them one by one is available on just about every single SaaS platform I've ever used.