Expand analytics on the Dashboard view In PX

Is there a way to expand analytics on the Dashboard view In PX? Would be wonderful to be able to see a larger graph instead of looking at condensed very small version.

Hi @georgee148 , thanks for posting to PX Community!  This seems like a good product idea /feature request.  In the mean time, you can use your browser’s zoom to get a larger version.

@georgee148 thanks for sharing this here. I have redirected this to our product team for more visibility.

@georgee148 - Thank you for your post!

This is on our H1 2021 roadmap to resize custom dashboard widgets. Will keep you posted when the feature is GA.

Hey @Chandu - any updates on when this will be delivered? It would be very helpful for creating a cleaner dashboard experience. At the moment, they can be overwhelming when crammed with a bunch of small widgets showing different types of information/graphs. I would personally love to create a dashboard with one or two large reports, and then supplement with a few smaller ones - this would draw the eye to the dashboard’s key insights. 


There also seems to be a lot of interest from other customers, as this request has been echoed in two other product ideas: 



Hi @broghanzwack 
Agree on the benefits and was hence picked up initially. But had to put the progress on hold to make way for other priority requirements. I’m hoping to have this delivered in Q4.