Ensuring important emails make it to client inboxes

Does anyone else have concerns about clients unsubscribing and not receiving important operational emails when using Copilot?  

As the tool is now, Copilot isn't useful for us as an organization and instead we use mail merges to send communications to clients who meet the criteria.  

We also use Marketo for other functions and they have a feature called "operational emails" that allows you to designate a non-marketing operational email so you can contact clients regardless of their subscription status and does not include an unsubscribe option.  

This feature would allow us to use Copilot and I imagine other Gainsight clients have the same concerns.  

Agree with me? Please vote!
Hi Megan - 

We've also had an interest in this. According to Gainsight documentation, "If you want to send transactional email without the unsubscribe link, you can send such transactional emails using the rules engine and mark these emails as operational email."  We haven't tested this out yet, but plan to do so in the near future. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has done so!


Megan - Did you try out the Rules Engine option? 
We have used the rules engine for a few emails, but it would be better to have all of our emails administered through the same tool. CoPilot is much more user friendly.