Enhancement Request - Publish Program without a Participant List

Working in JO I see you can’t save a program unless you have participants. We setup the criteria for the participants but due to the filters no one met the criteria for that day. I should still be able to save the program with the understanding that eventually someone would meet the filter criteria and the program will run. I saw another post with this issue and the workaround was to create a dummy record that met the criteria so you could save but would like a better solution to save the program even if no participants meet the filter criteria yet.

Here is the older post with the workaround marked as solved.


YES agreed. This results in me checking the program every day around the time that I want the program to send to see if we have any participants (or creating a report in report builder with the similar criteria to see when I would have participants meet criteria, if it’s based off of a date field). Instead, I’d love to be able to publish the program, set the query to schedule run, and know that on any given day the we do have participants meet the criteria, they would sync to the program & start the journey.