Enhanced(special character) parameter support on 'embedded' page options.

We have many workflows that require CSMs to submit information for an account via a google form for notification to other departments outside of Gainsight. I’ve tried to add a google form within the embed option on a customer-360 so they can action on an account’s submission in one place instead of leaving Gainsight to do so w/ the ability to auto-populate the form with relevant information already in Gainsight. In order to auto-complete the form fields you need to align a parameter with a value in the embed options. Unfortunately, gforms parameter fields include special characters, of which is not currently supported in Gainsight NXT after hearing from Support’s : 

“Currently parameter names doesn't support special characters other than underscore (_).”


So the request is to support special characters in the parameters fields of an embedded page.

Hello @TmoR7 ,

Thank you for posting your query here. It is a valid use case. We will check internally and share an update.

@muralikrishnagopu any update here?

@TmoR7 and @gunjanm I tired the above use case, and was able to embed urls with special characters as well. (I used this url - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScODLbHynvnH6OfC0kpZyfNRF0a1j4EV4oLUTBe6or177aYBg/viewform?usp=pp_url&entry.862245820=__other_option__&entry.862245820.other_option_response=as@!!..~%60%7B%7D&entry.194406529=HY*%2634..).

Can you please check once again if this is not working for you ?