Engagement that shows continuously until user completes

I'm running an engagement to draw attention to a new menu item in our product.

I want to show a hotspot (linked to a tooltip) each time the user sees the new menu item, and only stop when they complete the engagement.

This would seem a common use case - but PX doesn’t support it.

​Hey @Matt Rowe, thanks for posting on Community. Sounds like a great idea, forwarding this to the Product team to look into and circle back with their thoughts on the same. 

Hi @Matt Rowe  Our Badge is that type of Engagement. We have plans to expand that any engagement can be triggered with Badge and that should address this use case. 

Hi @Cornelia @skalle thanks for your responses. I don’t have access to Badge engagements. Is this feature live yet? 

Hey, follow up question on Skalles comment,

You say “any engagament can be triggered with Badge and that should address this issue”

Our use case is as Matt described (i.e. we want a Hotspot to be visible/keep animating until the user actually clicks it. So if they leave the page without clicking it the next time they come back to the page the Hotspot should still be active/be activated again).

Not sure I understand Skalles comment, atm we can use a Badge to trigger a Hotspot so what is the difference? Could you please clarify what it is that’s planned and if you have any eta?


Kind regards! =)

Hi @Pauline. Sharing my imperfect knowledge … currently a badge will only launch a Guide engagement, so I believe @skalle is saying they are working on having a badge also launch a Slider, Dialog, and Survey… at least that’s what I’m hoping it means.


Recently, I setup a hotspot to always be present by using the qualification scope in this screenshot.


My theory would be that adding Audience criteria regarding whether they have completed that engagement could make the hotspot stop appearing for that user.


Just sharing some speculation. 😀