Engagement Scheduler: Once per visit not working until 30 mins have passed

In order to display a guide every time a user visits a page we have tried to use the “once per visit” feature, but the feature only works after 30 mins. Even if you log out and log back in the guide does not show up with this option. At that point we are forced to use the “PayWall” feature which resurfaces the guide too often. Can we please fix this behavior at the earnest so we can use the “Once per visit” feature. Thanks

@jatinthaker thank you for sharing your request here. This comes under feature request, so changing this to idea post for better tracking purpose.

'Once per visit' implies that the user should see the engagement every time the user visits the mapped page. The current implementation is that the user sees the engagement when he revisits the mapped page after 30 minutes. Users do not necessarily visit a page every 30 minutes and may want to repeatedly check something, read the content of the engagement, and so on. It makes it very difficult to use this feature for testing engagements in QA environments as well. We request you to treat it as a bug and not a feature enhancement.