Engagement enhancement - Option to attach / enable survey as a step of an engagement

Use cases & Outcomes:

1. Trigger a post-engagement survey after an engagement (to understand the effectiveness of an engagement, we can’t rely on the completion)

2. Trigger an engagement based on survey responses (push appropriate content based on the user’s need)

Problem: In our case, we can only accomplish UC #1 by following this resource by setting up two separate engagements (guide, survey). However, we have noticed some issues (shared with PX).

#2 isn’t possible since we restrict sharing PII data (hashed user-id) that can’t help retargeting.


Provide an option to have survey as one of the steps of an engagement - for #1, first step; #2, last step. Further flexibility on the step choice would be nice to have.

@catchprakash thanks for the details here. We will check the on this and get back to you.