Engagement enhancement - Badge launch option for all engagement types

  1. Using a badge to launch an engagement is a better option to avoid an intrusive experience for a user. It is currently supported only for the “Guide” type. Enable it for others - Dialog, Slider, and Survey.
  2. Configuring the tooltip for a badge needs some enhancements - provide the same option as the tooltip for a KC bot.

@catchprakash Thank you for sharing this here, we are looking into it.

Great idea! I wanted to create a slider engagement yesterday that launched with a badge. Was disappointed that Guide was the only option.

This is available. Please note that badge for Sliders and Surveys is behind a feature flag and can be requested via a support ticket. Please note for Sliders and Surveys, today we do not have an In-App engagement and the selector/ position details for the badge need to be provided manually or can be identified using dummy badge Guide created using new editor.

 @dileepnalla if any support ticket comes on a request for Sliders/ Surveys process them as feature flag requests.