Enabling multiple Gsnap templates

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This idea came from one of my customers - they have customers of theirs that are in multiple geographies and that speak different languages. They like Gsnap, but as only one template can be selected by the Gsnap Admin at a time, they are not able to send a video message that has a different language email text template. 

Essentially the product idea is to allow creation of multiple templates (similar to CoPilot) and then the Admin can select which templates will be "active" and allowed to be selected by the CSM team.

It would also be great to borrow the PowerList functionality from CoPilot in the case where you may want to send a less personalized video message to a large customer list - such as announcing a new release, promoting an upcoming event, etc.
We have a use case for this too. We would love to be able to add context to the videos in the email instead of "You have Gsnap". Our CSM team is wanting to use these to reach out to customers who have not completed their sales handoffs and other reasons.