Enablement Engine: Pause an active audience to do a one time send

It would be great if there was a way in the Enablement Engine tool to pause an active audience in order to do a one time send. 

Ex. I have audience logic set for an enablement, if for some reason someone was not included in the triggered audience logic, I have to delete the active audience in order to send one time to that individual and then go through and re-add all the original audience pieces. It would be great if I could pause certain audience triggers and activate just one and then reactivate the original audience, or if you just had the ability to pause pieces of the audience whenever necessary. 

Hi Chelsea, thanks for posting to PX Community!


As a potential workaround, you can Pause the current EE Engagement, add/modify your “User” Rule in your Audience logic to include that specific user (or set of users), and then relaunch.  See sample below:

I hope this helps at least for your use case above, but I agree that including more flexibility in our Engagement Audience Logic would be beneficial for all.


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Thanks for the suggestion!