Enable 'Less is More' function when setting a score

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We are looking to set the score based on the average length of open projects. The rule set-up is looking at all open projects and averaging the # of days open. We would like to set the score based on the average number of days open. However, this currently sets the score to 'green' the higher the number. We would like the score to be 'red' the higher the number. 
Thanks for sharing, Samantha. Just to confirm: Is this regarding the option where we assign scores directly based on a numeric field (avg. of case age in this case), with a flag to scale the values to fall between 0 and 100?  If yes, makes a lot of sense to have an inverse scoring option available there. The only way to do this today would be to score based on thresholds (If age < x, assign green), but what you proposed is a much cleaner solution.
Requires an extra rule and a new field, but here's a work-around you could consider in the meantime:

  1. Use this rule that you have built (to calculate AVG values for each Account) to write the calculations into the CustomerInfo object.
  2. Now create a formula field to invert these AVG calculations (1/x; either ensure enough decimal places or do like 1000000/x).
  3. Now build a rule using this formula field and do the scaling between 0 and 100 like before.

Thanks for the suggestion! We will look into that but would love to see a simple 'inverse' checkbox.