Enable Help Text for Success Plan Fields

Help Text already exists for Attributes, but would be good to have visible for Success Plan fields as well.

@kcsp valid ask, we are working on success plans 2.0, we will keep an eye on this. Thank you for sharing. 

Thank you for the feedback. We will follow this thread for more upvotes, which will help us take it up in future roadmaps.

Would be great if we could have help text wherever we want to display a field, quite honestly.

Upvoting this request. This would be incredibly useful. 


Mouseover help text encourages self-sufficient users, and self-sufficient users = happy admins. This may be personal preference, but I like the areas where you guys use an actual icon to visually que the user that help text is available vs unmarked mouseover help texts.

Anything that will reduce user effort and admin time will always get my vote!


@Anil Raj Pujari , something on our radar?

any update on this? would be super helpful, especially as we look to leverage more types of success plans. 



Hello, being able to personalize and enable help text would be hugely beneficial!


We are building out multiple Success Plan types currently and the users consistently give feedback that help text would make a huge difference. 


Is this enhancement on the roadmap?

Thank you all for the feedback and upvotes. Though help text is not part of immediate roadmap we will try to prioritise it.