Enable engagements to run indefinitely

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We want all 28 our our app’s engagements to run indefinintely. However, there is no way to currently set this to happen. We have had to use the “From / To” date selection tool in Schedule > Scheduler to manually scroll through the end date selection window month-by-month for years ahead into the future. Years from now, we may never know that an engagement as stopped sending, and this is very problematic. Please create the ability to set the end date to “never end”.  Thanks!

Hi @kmalk ,

Agree, that we need an option for engagements “Never End”. But I guess this problem will be solved to some extent if you use the Knowledge Centre Bot. You can have a KC Bot launched and you can trigger the engagements from KC Bot, In this way engagements will always be there in the Bot, So Users can visit them whenever they want.




Hope this helps.




Happy to share that this idea has been addressed and implemented in the product. We have now introduced ‘No End Date’ option for scheduling your engagements. Refer to the engagement enhancement section in PX Release Notes September 2020 to understand more about this.