enable engagement based on analytics (KC bot)

It would be great if we could enable engagement tool based on how many times the user clicked on the KC bot.

@hila this should be an enhancement request.


Hi @hila ,
Thank you for the post. Could you share more details on your request here, so that I know all the use cases you’re looking for?

@Chandu we want to encourage users to use the knowledge center bot, where there are are many training videos, product release etc. We want to be able to identify users based on their use of the KC (which I know can be done through analytics) but we want to use this info from the analytics to trigger subsequent engagements. i.e. a user who didn’t use the KC, send a reminder, and some info of what to find in the KC. To do that it would be great if we could select the audience based on different parameters from the analytics. 

Hi @hila,
Thank you for clarifying. Its a good suggestion! Will add to backlog and hope to prioritise at the earliest possible.