Enable Email to SFDC for Journey Orchestrator Outreaches

When setting up Outreaches, I would like to include my CSM's unique Email To Salesforce email address in the Copy To section so that we can track our automated outreaches in SFDC Activity History. I was told that it is not possible because of the email format generated by SFDC (ex: emailtosalesforce@u-3vv5gzfcqzkb0kfc0wk0941r0.3-zxyeay.na3.le.salesforce.com)

Use case: our CSMs BCC all emails to SFDC for the benefit of our sales counterparts who do not use Gainsight. I would like to track all emails, especially if the client does not respond. 
Hi Anna - do you use the Log emails to Salesforce under Settings in the Outreach?

For Programs, this would be under the Email Settings when configuring Participants.