Enable changes on CSS tab of engagements after translation state has been set to 'Ready for Translation'

When the translation state of an engagement has been set to ‘Ready for translation’ not only the text of the engagement is locked, but also the entries on the CSS tab. As these apply to all localizations and are not part of the export files for the localizations they shouldn’t be locked.

@Susanne could you please share a use-case for better understanding.

Hi Susanne, 

Yes, the entire engagement is locked (all settings, steps, etc) when the status is changed to out for translation to protect the integrity of the engagement.


Agree that it may be a blunt response and there can be some settings (i.e. css) that can still be updated without having affect on the copy/translation.


Is there more than just the css you’d like to have access to while engagement is “Ready for translation?”

I think it should be possible to change everything that isn’t part of the localization export files and therefore is valid for all languages, for example the settings in the ‘Navigation Bar’ or the ‘CSS Selector’ areas. I think there is no need to lock these settings. Please correct me if I’m wrong here.

Use case: 

Engagement texts are ready for translation, but the design team decides to use a different font for the upcoming release. In this case I would have to change the state for every single engagement, in some cases I would also have to pause and to re-launch it. Then do my changes on the CSS tab. Then change the state again.