Embed PX Surveys in PX Email Engagements

Relatively new to PX, but would love to be able embed a survey engagement inside of an email sent via PX.

@patrickduffyexpel Welcome to the PX World. @link_black and @harshibanka does the above ask has a workaround? Could you please leave your comments here.

@patrickduffyexpel You cannot currently embed the survey directly in a PX email, but you can provide a link/button in the email body that when clicked takes the user to your PX-tracked application and launches the PX Survey based on the configured PX Engagement’s Audience Logic using a URL Rule.

An example of the link to use in your email body to launch your PX-tracked application could look like this: http://mywebapp.com/?launchmysurvey=true

See this previous post for more insights.

@patrickduffyexpel did you get a chance to view the comments here?

Yes, thank you!

Hi everyone, @link_black@sai_ram  do you maybe know if there are any plans to add this feature sometime soon to PX?

One of the possible use cases for it is the need to contact churned clients and ask them what did they not like about the product or why did they leave. Since we are talking about churned clients in this case:

  • we are not expecting them to enter the product anymore (meaning - in-app surveys are excluded as possible option)
  • we are not expecting they are willing to contact us to share a feedback (meaning - calendly links or similar are also excluded as possible option)
  • we expect them to have little patience and little focus for our notifications (meaning - the notification should contain one simple question with predefined answers, no redirections and not more then 2 clicks to answer)
  • as “product people”, we do consider such feedback very valuable

Taking this into consideration, a short email survey would be the ideal option to solve our needs in the described scenario.

Just as additional info, according to FAQ, it seems that Gainsight CS does have such option (so why not add it to PX as well? :)