Emailing Bookmarked Reports for Other PX Users

Posting on behalf of a PX customer:


They want the ability to send bookmarked and saved reports to other CSMs (PX users). It’s cumbersome to have to let them know to sign into PX and do this themselves in their own settings. 


It would be much more efficient to enable this on their behalf vs. them logging into PX and enabling this themselves.

Thanks for sharing and, yes, good suggestion!

A theme for the 2020 PX Product roadmap is around collaboration/sharing and one way we are thinking to address this request is to allow you to share/send reports to both users and non-users of PX (i.e. via email). The report would contain a link back to the report in PX for those that want to additionally bookmark it!

Also scheduling the report would be amazing.


I have reports that are “last 7 days” and a weekly email on Friday will have a different result than a weekly email on Mondays.