Emailing a dashboard to a group of users

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I have a customer that is looking to create a dashboard that will be scheduled to be emailed on a weekly basis to a large group of users. Is there a way to have the email sent to an email alias or distribution list instead of a list of individual users?

This is especially important when individuals join or leave the company, as the list of recipients would be managed by the alias list instead of manually updating each named user.

Hey Dan, Right now we do not have a way to do that. The reason is as follows. We populated email IDs from managed users of Gainsight ONLY. For now, a workaround is that we would need to add the power user DL as a gainsight user and send it to this email. 

However, I do see your point, that we ought to be able to send emails to any email. What do you think, should there by any security in place so that we shouldn't be able to send to ANY email?
Good point on the security. I'm hesitant to send to any email (yet) in a scheduled manner. Does Salesforce Users have groups that we can leverage?
Hi, We have a similar use case, where we would like to automate the delivery of a dashboard to an internal group of users. Some of these users have access to SalesForce but most do not. Currently our SFDC Admin is pushing back on creating  a user with the e-mail address we have setup. We would like to be able to send to ANY e-mail or to an Organization-wide e-mail address that is in SFDC. Right now we aren't able to do either and our process will remain manual.
Hi Sundar,

Sorry I missed your reply question. Could SFDC contacts be used as an additional option to Gainsight managed users?

The ability to send to ANY email would help in cases where the dashboard would be emailed to an alias (vs listing individual named user lists).
+1 to this idea, it would be very helpful if we could send emails from gainsight to any e-mail, not just users.

For example, we'd love to automatically send weekly emails with dashboards to our leadership team. We have email aliases for these teams but instead have to set up User Power Lists. This makes the process more manual and also makes it difficult for team members to collaborate since they are receiving "separate" emails.