Email to Timeline from a group email address

In our CSM structure we have a group of CSMs who are responsible for a pool of accounts. They all have individual liceneses but they send their email from the pooled email not their individual emails. I know it is not currently supported without using another license for Gainsight, but was wondering if there is anything in the future about being able to support this with a lot of companies moving towards a pooled model. We actually have 3 pools which are divided by region.

Hi Christin,

I'd like to understand your use case a little more. In the workflow where one of your pooled CSMs emails a customer, they use a common return email address, but do they identify themselves in any way by name to the customer they are emailing?

One challenge I see with this approach is that we use the sender's email address to know what user should be identified as the author of the activity in Timeline. Without that qualifier, the author woudn't be know.

HI Dan -

These accounts are assinged to a pooled customer success manager as designated in Salesforce


ABC Company

CSM - NA Customer Success

Email for CSM - generic email (

Therefore when the email is sent from the generic email, the author could be NA Customer Success (but I believe that would need a named user). I believe the author is identified in the signature of the email. However I am reaching out to the manager of the team to see if that is the case, or if it is just signed from the generic account.

Hi Christin, in that case the Email to Timeline functionality would use the sender's email address (the generic email) to identify which user created the email message. Our feature does not parse the message contents, so the signature of the email would not be useful in identifying the sender.

Hi Dan, we are starting to have the same process at my company. We will be using the group email address by the CSMs for a pool of accounts. I have a few questions about it:

  1. Will we be able to use the plug in feature and migrate the emails into the customer timeline? 
  1. Also, to send emails from Gainsight, using templates, can they use the group email address as sender instead of the one that they are logged in? 
  1. And finally, Will this group email need an individual license if all the users have one already?