Email to Timeline - Attaching to CTAs

Due to the nature of the contacts in my meetings/emails, many of my emails sent to Gainsight end up in draft.

It would be very helpful to be able to take these drafts from global timeline and attach them to a CTA (not just company/relationship).

Is this on the roadmap?

100% need this. Everything I log is at the CTA level because our team tracks time within Timeline entries, which then rolls up to the CTA itself. Therefore, Email to Timeline is kind of useless for me at the moment.

Had a user request this today. Would be a good thing to be able to add an already created Timeline activity to a CTA.

Generally speaking, we need to be able to take any activity and attach it to a CTA. The email would be the first.

The lack of this feature is very annoying, activities and emails cannot be assigned correctly, and needs additional manual work, becomes time consuming.

The Email to Timeline feature is great however my team is required to make their timeline entries directly to the CTA they are working on. They have opted to not use the feature given that it is not helping them with efficiency. Is there an update on when this will be considered for development?

Email to Timeline is great, but not functional due it’s nature of attaching to the account, but not the CTA. Additionally, in the past it would attach with associated contacts, but now it will only attach if the “person” is being emailed. Too many times it ends up in drafts.