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Can we make Email template building more user friendly with drag and drop features. 

I, like all the other user, have so many issues with HTML due to extra tags or additional coding that makes the scripts long and hard to manage. It makes the task extremely difficult for companies that use a great deal of images for customer emails. 

I also would love to be able to allow users to add and edit their own email with ease. Currently this is bottlenecked to only people who are more familiar with HTML. Our marketing team, communications team, insights team, AND MORE all have to ask one admin to construct email templates for their JO, email assist, Playbooks, etc. 

I love email assist and all the reasons above deter people from using. Help me by making this a more user friendly tool. 

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Darshana Shah

@darshana.shah This is on our medium term roadmap. We will keep you posted when we start making progress on it

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The Email template builder can be a big adventure, and its unexpected behavior at times can impede progress, especially for users who may not have the patience or expertise to work through them.

We’ve all pulled at our hair when Microsoft Word or Google Slides does something unexpected to formatting; in my experience, the Email template builder is worse, often because it’s harder to see the markup unless one usually knows (1) know how to switch to HMTL; (2) is fluent in reading HMTL; and most importantly (3) can make the correction in HTML. I believe it’s a blocker, or at least a hurdle, when Gainsight is presented as a possible replacement for other digital-first tools because the Email template builder compares poorly to template builders in other apps.