Email Template Expiration

We have a number of email templates that we have created which are specific to events and notifications (like upcoming product details for a specific service pack). 

We would like to be able to set an expiration date where it removes the ability for a CSM to send. For example when we click the “make available to user” give a date or number of days available. 



Great idea @cnichols! There’s a similar idea for archiving old playbooks so that CSMs can no longer use them. It would be awesome if there was a way to deliver both ideas where you can archive or expire old playbooks and email templates. 



+1 to this idea too.


Our marketing team uses JO as do our CSMs so the templates library is growing every week. Being able to add an expiration date to some templates would save us time/effort going back and hide templates. :-)

Wanted to bring this back up since I also have been creating a lot of templates lately that are more time-sensitive, so it would great to be able to set them to expire versus having to set myself a reminder to go back in and deactivate.  Example:  we have an email template that encourages customers to join a webinar on specific date.  Would ideally like that template to expire once that day has passed.

Hello @heather_hansen 
Is the ask about not to use the designed template after specific date? or expire the link in the email we have sent out?
We can disable email template designed in Gainsight by turning off them manually.

@chethana The ask is for the template to not be available for use after a certain date has passed without having to go in and manually deactivate it.

Hello @heather_hansen 

I am adding this to roadmap, i will update once itis prioritised.

I just wanted to comment here and say this would be an incredibly useful tool for us as well. Especially since our CSMs heavily use our email templates through gmail assist and it can quickly become cluttered.