Email targeting based on View/Completed rules in Dialog engagements


we're working on raising adoption on our products. One of the things we're doing is contextual targeting. What we'd like to do, but cannot at the moment (correct me if I'm wrong, please 🙂 ) is the following:

1. Send Dialog with certain text and CTA (currently possible)

2. Set-up email engagement based on rules:

  • If engagement (dialog) not completed - send Email A

  • If engagement (dialog) completed - send Email B

  • If CTA clicked send email C

(different wording and email content is for each of this target groups).

3. Set up dialog again based on the outcome of step 2. (is email opened, clicked etc.)

I am not finding away to do this now; in email engaement i can set up rules for view/completed only based on surveys.


Hi Igor,

#1 is possible

#2 You should be able to create Segments with filters and apply those to your Email Engagement Audience to handle 2 out of 3 of these use cases.

You cannot currently filter based on CTA clicked, but this would be a good enhancement request in my view.

Also, if a Dialog is viewed it is also completed. Sliders and Guides can be filtered by viewed vs. completed.

#3 You cannot currently filter an Engagement based on Email events, but this would be another good enhancement request in my view. ‚Äč

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