Email notifications not sent to user who authorized MDA

For a number of our rules that create CTAs, I am the CTA's "Default Owner", in case the Customer Success Manager field isn't filled out on the Salesforce Account. As the Gainsight Administrator, it would be my responsibility to fix that data, and then reassign the CTAs to the right person.

However, since I'm not in my Cockpit every day (since I'm CSOps, not a CSM), it's important for me to be able to get email notifications when a CTA is assigned to me.

However, Gainsight support (ticket 7877) confirmed that there are two situations where an email notification will not be sent:

  1. When you assign a CTA yourself, you won't get the notification
  2. When a CTA is created via a rule, it will not send a notification if the assignee is the user that authorized MDA. This is per design, and would be an enhancement request to get this not to happen.
Since I am the Gainsight Administrator, I am also the person who authorized the MDA, so I can't get these email notifications, so now I need to create a calendar reminder to go into my Cockpit every morning just on the off chance that an Account's CSM field is blank.
Seth - thanks for taking the time to write this up. I am in the same situation. There needs to be an option for the default owner to get an email. I have the same problem of having to remember to check cockpit. If I don't, CTAs can go days being assigned to the wrong person. Or, when I do check it is often a waste of time, because there are none.
Thanks for validating that I'm not deep in a bizarro corner case, Kristin 🙂  The only workaround I can come with at the moment is to create a Salesforce report on the CTA object and set it to email to me daily.

(Makes me wonder if there should be a Gainsight feature for "email me my Cockpit every day" -- seems like it would help with CSM adoption. I feel like I'm crazy that I'm not finding that as an existing feature request in the Community.)
You could set up a Success Operations dashboard and include a report of CTAs assigned to you on that...then have it email that to you daily.  Still a kludge, but at least it's a kludge in GS and not SFDC. 😃
Fair point 🙂 The GS email-dashboard functionality drops images of the modules into a PowerPoint template, right? Not a huge difference from a Salesforce report, but a Salesforce report email may have text that's easier to copy-paste and therefore search for, depending on how effectively your email client will preview a PPT deck.
Yep its in a PP template.  For me it is enough to be able to preview the PPT deck and see there are CTAs assigned to me.  It serves as a notification that I need to check the cockpit.
But - I would prefer to not have to create a special report & dashboard specifically for this I fully support your Idea request 🙂
FYI, folks, I created a workaround here:

  1. Created an email Template:
  2. Rule Setup, finding my open CTAs, and aggregating them into just one result row:
  3. Rule Action, emailing me:
  4. Run the rule every weekday at 8am