Email Assist Using MDA

We have a rule that runs from data in an MDA and creates a CTA when executed. We would like to create an email template for Email Assist, but some of the key data points are in the MDA table and the template seems to only map to SFDC native elements. Is there any plan to expand that capability?


Hi Elizabeth,

While creating a CTA via rules engine we can add the tokens of the source object in CTA fields, these token can been of a SFDC or MDA object.

The content of the email template depends on the playbook you are using and which email template has been mapped to the playbook.

I am not sure if I understood the questions completely, can you please explain the use-case in detail. 


Yes, Nitisha - Thank you for the response. We have a rule that runs from an MDA table we've created to track project work. The rule creates a CTA to give the CSM a status update. We want to have an email template available to the CSM (via Email Assist) that is pre-populated with some of the project specifics that the CSM can then send to the project owner.  However, when I try to map the tokens in the email, the only objects available are SFDC native elements such as Contact or Account. I need to be able to map the tokens back to the data in the project table, but that does not seem to be available.

Does that help?


Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks, got it. At the time of creating email template or playbook, we don't have context of the source object that is why we enable adding tokens of only standard objects such as account, contact, etc. We will look into the possibilities of enhancing this capability. As a workaround, you can add these tokens in comments, so that the CSM's get the details of project specifics but they will have to copy-paste them in the email.


Hi All,

Converting this to Idea. We have added this to our future roadmap.

Idea is to give ability to Map Tokens from the Objects that are linked with that Particular CTA type, hope this help to resolve your case.


Hi team,

Any update on the timing of this? I'd find it extremely valuable to have this feature available in the product.

Here's my use case: We store NPS data in the MDA (it comes from a plugin in our product). I want to create CTAs with email assist template for our CSMs to reply to detractors and promoters. As such, I need to include details from the submitting user records (name, email, NPS score) that are all contained in the MDA and structured within the rule itself. This is currently impossible (I'm not even able to pull in the email addresses, since the submitters are not salesforce contacts).

I think a good solution would be to allow for mapping tokens for email assist within the Create CTA action step in the Bionic Rule. This is a structure that I've seen used frequently in CRMs that feature tokenized email templates.

Thanks for reviewing,

I too have a use case where we use an email template with multiple tokens mapped to fields from MDA. We are using a bionic query to merge MDA fields with sfdc contacts and transform. Having the ability to map tokens to the show fields of the bionic query would solve for us.


Also have a use case for this as well, we pull in a lot of our own data from our platform and would like . to be able to communicate it out to customers in way that is efficient for our CSMs.

Would also be helpful to be able to pull in tabular reports. At this time we can only map graphical (bar, pie, etc.) reports.


I know this is wicked old, but we’re needing this feature as well.  The ability to map custom MDA fields to Email Assist.

@sagan_sherlin sorry for the inconvenience. Thank for bumping this to the top. I will get back to you on this.

Hello @sagan_sherlin 
We have done lot of product updates in these years, let me check and confirm if there is an workaround available for  this.