Email Assist Sending Limitations

Hey Team!

Right now, we have a functionality limitation with Email Assist that some of our Customers are looking to see expanded. 

In Email assist, we can only send out 10 emails from any one Email Task on a CTA. However, some use cases might have our customers sending out 20-30 one off emails by their CSMs to Contacts from another company. 

With this hard limitation on only being able to send out 10 emails via Email Assist, we're cutting off certain use cases for our customers!

As always, thanks for the consideration.

Logan Thome
Hi Logan,

Do they want to send emails to 20-30 contacts of one account?

If yes, then we will think about increasing the limit. In the meantime, they can create multiple email tasks with the same email template and use them to send emails to >10 contacts.


Hi All,

I know that my CSM colleagues would very much like to send Email Assist templates to 20 - 30 (sometimes more) contacts at the same account without having to ask me to edit the playbooks each time.

This use case has come up multiple times for us.

Thank you.


One more question on this - can email assist send more than one survey email at a time? I have a customer who has attempted to send the same survey to multiple contacts via the same email assist task and it only appears that a single survey sends. They have to send these email assist surveys individually. Does anyone know if there are any defined limitations around Email Assist survey sends?

@All, I am going through all the older unanswered posts, I am checking this once again with our product team. 

@sai_ram Thanks for following up on this. This is an issue that came up with our team recently and would love to see this implemented. Our CSMs are spending too much time having to send out these templates to larger audiences. I agree with even just an increase to 20-30 would help a lot.



I have an additional add here for feature enhancement. Can you use persona, role, etc. fields to help us do distribution list within a email assist. 


Example. We want to be able to search for all contacts that are “users” (one of the roles) within the email assist To sections. We have account that have 50 contacts and only 5 are users and we tend to communicate the most with them. CSM who have 250 to 1000 account don’t know these people by name so they have to toggle back and forth between contacts and the CTA email assist to be able to add contacts. 


Please help us be more efficient and be able to add more than 10 people and be able to search using different fields. 


Best Regards, 

Darshana Shah

@sai_ram  @CassidyCardoso 

Hi All,

With EA 2.0 , limit on the number of recipients that can be added to To Address is increased to 25.

Refer's_New_in_Email_Assist_2.0 to know more .