Email Assist: Additional Functionality

We would like to begin using Email Assist but are hesitant as the need to create the templates in CoPilot adds clutter for our 1:many team and over-complicates the process for adding an email template to a CTA. When asking for folks opinions, here is some feedback we received: 

  1. Ability to create the email template within the 'Playbook' creating process avoiding the need to create a template within CoPilot and then going back to the CockPit to create the playbook
  2. Ability to pull the 'Contacts' directly from the CTA rule. This would simplify who is initially needed on the communication based on the trigger event. 
  3. Allow CSM's to have a 'signature' in Gainsight that can be added to any email that is sent by them out of CockPit. This should be able to be controlled by the sender that has a Gainsight license as their title may not always be CSM (Customer Success Executive, Strategic Account Manager, etc.)
  4. Automatically BCC the sender of the email so that they have a copy of the email. Given that a full email integration is not currently a feature, being able to have a reference of your sent email in your inbox would be beneficial for additional reference.

All the above would start to make the use of email assist a very beneficial feature for our CSM's and help drive Gainsight adoption as a 'one stop shop' for both customer insights and engagement. 
GREAT input, all of it!!
I agree with Samantha - all of that would be great functionality to have!

The other thing my team would want is for the content of the email to sync to the Activity History in Salesforce for the account, which it doesn't look like is currently possible. This would be especially important if reps are changing the text of the email, which would be one of the main reasons I'd want to use email assist vs. just auto-sending emails on their behalf.
Hi Phil, 

Email Assist Tasks sync to Salesforce Activities the same way simple Tasks do. You just need to ensure that (1) Task mapping is correctly configured under Admin --> Tasks, and (2) the Task is either manually (blue sync icon) or automatically set to sync to Salesforce. If the content of the email was changed before sending it out, you should see the updated body under Task Comments. 


I agree that these should sync to Salesforce but would like to see setting that would allow you to update the fields and they type of activity record based on the fact that this is an email. 
Agree, this is a gap.
Agreed on these functionality requests especially the time savers - Create email template in Playbook, Allow CSMs to have a signature and automatic BCC.  

I would also like to be able to send the email From a distribution list email address instead of the Owner's email address.
Following up on this thread, and specifically two requests: 

  • Automatically BCCing sender so sender can then follow up on email if no response is recieved 
  • Changing the "From" email of an Email assist. 
Are these planned anytime soon? 
We are rolling out email assist to our CSMs and have a request for additional functionality, the ability to resend an email.  In our use case CSMs will be attaching a deck in a follow up email and it seems likely that this step could be forgotten and the email accidentally sent without the attachment.  I don't see a mechanism that allows for a resend.  Any recommendations?  My thought is to add an unmapped field that reads "Send PGL Deck" as that will at least require the CSM to delete the field before sending the email or the error message will appear.  Thank you~
Agree that having the ability to bcc the sender would be a huge addition. Any update on if this is the roadmap? Thanks! 
Hi Hayley,

This is coming in summer (Aug) release. Thanks!
Agree with Samantha.  All of this functionality would be great to have!
All are great suggestions, but #3 & #4 are very much needed!
Great suggestions. Much needed on our end too. #3 and #4 are the most urgent ones.

Further to #4 on Email Signatures:

- Doesn't make sense to specify them in each template. It should be set once and used by all email tempaltes. 

- Email signatures is something that is very important and is managed centrally by the marketing team. They change it often to fit specific messages for the current time (e.g., Customer event, New release, etc.). Our company use a 3rd party tool for that (Sigstr). Email Assist should be able to integrate with such tools to ensure that GS emails are align with the company branding and message.


Hi Casey,

Point #3 will be available in Summer release (In Sep first week)

[i]Regarding other points, our team is looking into them and as soon as we have an ETA, we will update you.


Hi Einat,

Point #4(Automatically BCC the sender) will be available in Summer release (In Sep first week)

[i]Regarding point #3([i]Allow CSM's to have a signature)[i], thanks for providing inputs, our team is looking into them and as soon as we have an ETA, we will update you.


That's great news Hitesh! Is there any documentation on how CSMs will be able to create/edit their signature? 
Hi Casey,

Sorry for the confusion, its actually Point #4(Automatically BCC the sender) that available in Summer release.

For detailed documentation, Release Notes will be Available in Sep first week, Please let me know if you need any related information in advance.


Hi All, Summer Release is out now and point #4 feature is shipped in Summer Release. 
Any update on #1 and #3? Both would be very helpful for our org.
+1 - This would be awesome in helping our teams move full into the software!
+1 for adding the ability to automatically include the CSM signature in Email Assist templates!

+1 for adding the ability to automatically include the CSM signature in Email Assist templates - this would be very helpful for us!