Editing an existing CTA to be recurring

Hi, is there currently the option to edit a CTA so that it is recurring, or edit an existing task to be recurring? To clarify, this is for CTAs configured at the Relationship level. We'd want to edit the CTA and/or Task so that it recurs on a weekly basis.
Hi Diana,

Thanks for sharing this.Let me know if my understanding is correct. You want to edit an already created CTA  and make it recurring (assuming the CTA type has recurring allowed). That is not possible currently, you would need to create a new recurring CTA (with the same details). Does this need come up for a lot of CTA's & often?

Hey Aditya, thanks for following up. As far as I know, this has only come up once. I sent over your suggestion of creating a CTA instead. It'd be nice to have the flexibility though, if possible. Thanks!

I too have come across this issue and is causing a headache

Same here! Can we fix this?

@tracyhigginsyoung and @Erseburse Thanks for bumping this up. We have this in our product backlog but not immediately. 

@all, can we have more votes to this request to change the priority. 

@diana_luo @tracyhigginsyoung @Erseburse While we don’t have an immediate fix or timelines for this, this is something we are thinking about solving but would require a significant technical change since we don’t capture it as a template. Thank you for the feedback.

Checking in on this.

Would we be able to make this change during the SFDC to NXT migration? I’d rather not have to recreate then remap all of our CTAs. 


Yes I would like to edit an already existing CTA type to make “recurring” available to my CSM.