Editing a email template that is used in Playbook - fewer steps

Currently, if an email template in a Playbook is edited (simple spelling, grammar, punctation), the process requires that the Playbook task be changed to a different template, then saved, then changed back to the original template and re-mapped (if tokenized). This is too many steps when having to make small changes or updates to an email template. After the change is made and the playbook is updated, any existing CTAs also have to be updated to re-add the same Playbook - yes, this is possible with a rule but why can't the change be pushed from the Playbook editor?

Within Journey Orchestrator, for example, if a minor change need to be made to an email template in use, the updates are made available immediately in the Program (Draft and Scheduled, have not tested in Active state) without having to reselect the template or remap tokens.

Hi John,

For the first request, instead of changing the template to a different one and then back, you should be able to click the template refresh button (see below). It does still require you to remap the tokens but saves you a few clicks.

Regarding the second request, I agree that this would be helpful to update existing CTAs with the fixed template as well. Perhaps in cases where the user hasn't opened or edited the email yet.

Any updates on this request?  Remapping the tokens is cumbersome just to make minor email template edits.


@tracyhigginsyoung We understand this pain point. We have it in our roadmap, tentatively planned for Q1 2022.