Edit this report in report builder option will make more sense in Gainsight Home Page

Hello Team,


Edit this report in report builder option is not available in Gainsight Home Page. Adding this option will make more sense. Now we will have to directly go in to the Report builder if there is a change need to be made. I believe it is a good thing to implement it in Gainsight home page, when the same is already available for dashboards.



Hello @kumaranbcak, thank you for your post and suggestion on the Gainsight Home Page, having this idea looked into by our Product Manager and give you his inputs on the same. 

Hi @kumaranbcak 

This is a nice idea. It makes sense for us to show edit in report builder for a report to everyone who has access to report builder. We will pick this up along with our next set of enhancements to end user reporting. 

cc: @Azad