Edit CTA type directly in Cockpit

Thanks Lila.

Can we consider enabling end users to change the types of CTAs that they created?

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: how do you change a type of a CTA after it is created?.
That would be great, although it probably needs to have some permissions around it, since Rules can be based on CTA Type so a change could disrupt the connection between the CTA and a Scorecard measures. I've had to delete and recreate a CTA twice in the past week, just to change the type and be able to access some of the CTA customization for Type =.gift. The ability to simply change the Type would be a time-saver. 

Thanks for the post. Changing types from UI is a little complicated as not only the layout but with Winter release, even reason, status, priority will be dependent on CTA type. So if you change the type you may have to change all these attributes too. We will look into the possibilities of implementing it based on the number of customers asking for it.


I upvote this request.  We are honing our Cockpit configuration and need the ability to update CTA Type in bulk, and one by one.  Unfortunately, I've noticed that it's not possible in the new Mass Edit feature that was released, nor by editing individual CTAs.  From another post I read that it may be possible via an export / import path, but I have not tested it myself.  Thanks!
Please implement this capability, my team also needs it.
PLEASE! Or at least enable us to shut off a type so no one new can create one with a specific type!
Hi Trevor,

You can disable a CTA type from administration area. Disabled types will not be available for consumption in Cockpit UI or rules engine. Does this solve your problem?


I vote for the ability to change CTA type, and I understand that with the new type selected, other fields may also need to be updated. In my situation, a CTA may come in as normal course of business, but circumstances may cause this CTA to escallate to a risk, renewal, or other CTA type. I would like to keep all of the associated task history with the CTA as it moves through these escallation steps.

I'm voting for this as well. This is a no brainer...

+1 This would be AMAZING and incredibly helpful for our Customer Success team!

@aushel Sorry to inform you that this is currently not in our road-map. Editing a CTA has a lot of technical dependencies. We need to introduce a new mapping form to edit the CTA. I mean, based on CTA type we need to change the Reason and fields too. Will update here once we consider for release. 

Thanks for posting!


I can understand the reason for not implementing this right now but for CTAs created via Timeline entries they are always defaulted to what the admin has selected. It would be nice for the end user to modify the type when creating the CTA using Timeline via “tasks” on the timeline entry.  Here is the new post 


@andrew_cummins As mentioned in the quoted post, we understand your problem. Though not in the immediate roadmap, we will try to accomodate this in medium term roadmap (typically late H1 or early H2 2021). Thanks.

@sai_ram can we get this thread combined with this one and aggregate all the votes? 



I don’t think this topic is getting the attention it deserves because it’s spread out over multiple requests. Frankly, I’m pretty surprised this wasn’t addressed in the Horizon update. One of my users asked about this and I had to do a double take when I realized not only was it not possible but this request has been on the books for FOUR YEARS.


@darkknight How do I project the bat symbol to ask for help? :slight_smile:

This is a GREAT suggestion!!  Giving end users the ability to change the Activity Type is HUGE and will save a lot of time if the initial type is incorrectly chosen, or has changed during the life of the CTA.  Thank you for your consideration.