Duplicate features/rules in the Product Mapper

In the Product Mapping process we often have existing rules or features we want to duplicate but with just a couple of tweaks.


For example, here is a feature that captures pageviews across various, similar pages:

I’d love to create a feature similar to this, but with a UI element tagged on it.

To accomplish this right now I have to open two browser windows and copy paste all the URLs into the new feature.


Can we get a “duplicate” button for a feature or rule that will simply let us duplicate it and, ideally, update the type, i.e. from URL rule, to “Tag UI element”?

@adamrz thanks for posting this, it is a valid ask.

@angelo / @mickey product feature request.

Thanks for acknowledging and passing along @harshibanka !

It is amazing this doesn’t exist.  Having to re-create features in the product mapper by hand over and over when a simply copy/paste with edit would suffice to save hours and hours of time…..