Duplicate Contacts in CoPilot Powerlists

Managing Contacts with Powerlists - How to send (or not send) Multiple emails to the same Contact in a Powerlist

Today, Copilot will create a new record in a powerlist for any unique combination of tokens in your Powerlist criteria. You can add/remove tokens to help manage your use case.

If you want to email the same contact once for every support case they’ve opened, you could use Support Case Number as a token, therefore creating a unique record - set of fields for every case that is closed. Three cases were opened by 1 contact, that contact will receive 3 unique emails.

Vice Versa - If you do not want to send emails to these same contact more than once in a single outreach, review your tokens and be sure that the combination of all tokens is unique for each ContactID that is being added to your powerlist. The number of records in your powerlist will equal the number of emails sent in your outreach.

*Many future enhancements are planned for Copilot. Keep an eye on release notes for any changes to functionality.

For simplicity sake, we are moving the uniqueness criteria to email address + Account.

Still if the same email address is there in two accounts there will be two email sent... 
Hey Sundar,

Please let us know an estimated timeline on this change when possible.

December 22nd. 
Hi Sundar,

The ability to filter powerlists based on unique email address would be incredibly helpful to solve the issue caused by the same email occurring on more than one account. 


I see your point but the other perspective is..

There could be a single contact who manage a certain relationship across two accounts, like you have one account for MS North America and one for MS EMEA in SDFC and the contact could be in the common function. The email that you would send could be related to renewal and you want both the emails to be sent b'coz the context is different. 

In summary, your vote would be give the control to the user to define the uniqueness criteria?
Hi Sundar,

That would be a very rare use case for us; that is however an important perspective. Thank you for the follow up.

Yes, my vote would be for user to have the control control to define uniqueness criteria. 

Thank you.
I agree. We have separate accounts with duplicate contacts. In some cases, we don't want the contact to receive duplicative emails. Will setting the outreach to "once-in-a-lifetime" solve this, or is that null because the the uniqueness criteria is email address + Account?
Hi Sundar,

I would like to bring up the issue where we have the same contact shared across multiple accounts as individual contact Record. We would the ability to only send one email to this contact. We use this for our monthly newsletter which are not account specific therefore the need to be unique for email address + account doesn't apply in this instants. We have many contacts  like this because in SF you can have a single contact record associated to multiple accounts.

If co-pilot is of any use is to allow us the option to only send unique to the email address so that we are not spamming. We have complains from our customer already about spamming them multiple times and if we continue to use co-pilot this is must be fixed. It is a road blocker for us.


Mei Ling
Thanks for your input Mei. Enhancement to eliminate duplicates across accounts is part of the roadmap. Will keep you posted on that ETA
Sundar, we are going to be doing another round of newsletter next month so this is becoming really urgent. There is no easy way to get around this issue currently so please hurry. Any angry customer complaining will impact our use of your product.


mei ling