Double click as a usability enhancement to drag and drop

At times, when u try to drag and drop a field it doesn't get dropped to the specific place so you have to drag that field again and drop it. This happens rarely but does happen. Any user who at a crunch time has to prepare a report can face this issue when things are done in a hurry. This double click functionality can help save time during that crucial period.All the users can be benefitted and modules across the product can be benefitted with this functionality.

Both the functionalities can coexist!!

@vignesh sorry for the inconvenience. Our community members come up with the problem and the solution too. Absolutely a time saver and both can exists. 

Our product team are happy with this kind of feedback. 

I want to hear more on this from others.

Hi @vignesh 

Which product areas are you referring to here?

Hi @rakesh ,

Thanks for your response.

I have recently joined Gainsight, so not completely aware of all the modules that have this drag and drop functionality. But I have observed it under Scorecards while creating Reports, while creating formulas when the user creates a new company field. For now I have observed in these two sections. But i believe wherever we have drag and drop I think we can have this double click functionality coexisting.
Let me know your thoughts!!

LOVE this idea! Anything to increase speed and rely less on my clumsy click and drag lol. Leads to lots of frustration.

Thank you for your response @ana_g !! :)

Glad you liked the idea!!

Hi All,

Actually, in Horizon Analytics there is a very nice productivity improvement that you can do. Command + Click will allow you to select multiple fields and then you can directly drop them in Show Me, Group By or even Filters.