Don't Open in New Window from the c360 Customer Search

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Maybe I'm alone in this (I can accept that! 😉... but I'd prefer the customer search box that is now standard on all the pages (thanks for that!) to [i]not open a new window when I'm on the c360 page. If I want a new window/tab I'm perfectly capable of using the existing browser controls to make that happen. 99% of the time what I want is to move to that new client. So I search, click, and then close the original tab.

If people think browser controls aren't well understood or sufficient, how about either a) a little "new window" icon that people can click as an option or a user preference.
Yes, you are alone on this one! 🙂
That option of having little icon next to link sounds awesome, I wish I had seen this before implementing this opening in new tab thing. 

There was a post on community that asked new tab and it had like 12 up-votes. 

Well, if you'd seen this before you implemented it, that would have been some trick on my part! 🙂
Hi Gainsight Product Team, The controversy on whether to open a new C360 tab for each search or not continues...  I was speaking with a couple of customers this week who agree with Jeff and Renee and DON'T want to have a new tab open for every customer search.  If we stick with the current approach, is there any way to label the tabs so at least you know what customer they are for when you have 6 or 7 of them across the top of your browser?  Thanks for continuing to listen to our input!!
I would agree with the comments above.  My expectations would be as follows:

- search from within C360 produces the suggested match pop-up

- clicking the suggested match refreshes the existing window to that customer 360 view

- (nice to have) right-clicking the match would provide an option to open in a new tab
I agree with this and seems to be normal UI behavior. Anyone that wants to open a new tab should just use CTRL+click (command+click) or right click and open in new tab.
What's up Ahmed!!! (I agree with this suggested workflow).
Scotty!  Good to hear from you!
Scotty and Ahmed, Come reconnect in person at PulseLocal Austin Wed May 17th at 6pm.  An official invite for the panel is forthcoming but it's a good topic next month:  "Success In Working and Communicating Cross-Departmentally".  We'll be meeting at a company right in downtown so it'll be convenient. Hope to see you there.
Awesome, count me in!
Labeling tab is totally possible. But in case customers have too many tabs it is not always readable. Just like this. Only one character from tab-label is visible.

I see the challenge...  Curious - can we pull in the company logo (next to the G logo)?