Distinct Objective Layouts

We are creating different types of Success Plans (Success Plans, Onboarding Plans, etc.) with unique objectives. We need the ability to change the Objective layouts based on the Plan Type. We need to have different fields and information for the different use cases and plans. Currently, if you update the layout for the Objective Type CTA, it changes the layout for all Success Plan Objectives.

There are 2 possible solutions:

1. Allow other CTA Types to be associated with Success Plans

2. Make Objectives based on the Success Plan type (Objective - Accout Plan or Objective - Onboarding Plan)

This exact use case has come for a number of customers - being able to associate an Objective layout with a Success Plan Type.

I'd personally vote for your option #2, just because there is a lot of handy functionality that relies on Objectives having 1 purpose (Success Plans) - but I could probably argue for either option!

Any update on this?

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Looking for adding this in next few quick upgrades!!!

Option 2 could best fit.

Looking for this functionality as well for this use case.


We have an Objective category for Customer KPI and one for our Internal Drivers. Both are goals for the account, but one is driven by the customers needs for the product to solve and the other is driven by data that shows are customers have a gap in that would make them “more sticky” for a renewal. These have a few shared fields and a few none shared fields.


In my Success Plan I have two kinds of objectives:
Objective 1 is a Customer KPI. KPIs are defined on a dependent picklist based on the product selected. We would have a field for the initial value, target value, and final value.


Objective 2 is a Internal Driver. Drivers are defined on a dependent picklist based on the product selected. We would have a field for the initial value, target value, and final value. Additionally, we would want to have ways to notify the Driver is expected based on customer setup (IE to not trigger again) and information to send back to product

@Anil Raj Pujari, could we share any light on this? 

We are also very interesting in having more flexibility for setting Objective layouts based on Success Plan type! 

We are using Success Plans across several departments with different purposes. Training each group of to ignore and/or use specific fields for each one is increasingly becoming more difficult and frustration. 

For example, we have 2 different SPs for Customer Goals, with different relationships utilizing different ones. Each has their own set of KPIs based on the relationship. In addition, we have multiple Onboarding SPs, for which listing an option for ‘KPI’ that is expected to be blank is confusing. 

We definitely love to have this feature into our system. Is there any way we can have this on our roadmap moving forward? It would be more efficient for end users to only see what they need to in terms of their role. Thank you!!

I’m working with a client that is expanding their GS presence to include prospect accounts for account planning.  The requirements of their success plan objectives are different then the CS success plan objectives.  Would love to have the ability to create a different layouts by account type.  

This is essential for our various teams (partners, services, etc) to be able to utilize success plans fully. Everything as an ‘objective’ just isn’t realistic anymore.

Any updates? We have been able to create value in Gainsight for our users specifically around Success Plans but this continues to be a huge issue for our users, making the utilization of the Success Plan feature less desirable. 


Seems many other Gainsight customers agree...