Display amounts in user's currency for the Mass Edit Scorecard visualization reports


We have an amount field with data type “currency” on our company object. The currency of that field may vary, some use EUR, USD, INR, CAD, SEK etc. When including this field in the “Mass Edit” report type the amounts are displayed in different currencies (the ones originally stored on the company) which makes it hard to compare, filter or sort.

It would be helpful to be able to select a preferred currency, or use the currency of the logged in user to calculate the amounts to the same currency in the report.




@DavidT Currently, when multi-currency is enabled, for any flat report we show the record level currency. That is why you see the actual currencies.

That said, sorting and filtering can be done based on the user-level currency. We convert to the desired currency and then sort/filter.






@DavidT did you did get chance to view the comments here.

@sai_ram sorry for the late reply, we use multi currency and the currency conversion works fine for the normal reports, my issue is with the “Mass edit” report type found under admin->Scorecard -> Visualizations. Here there is no conversion and the currency field is displayed with the currency that the value originally was saved with. Please see screen shot as example below: