Directly link to filtered searches, like reports made by a user or rules made by a user

Often I'm just looking to work on my stuff, but when I get to a list of reports or rules, it's everybody's stuff. I can filter to mine, but it would be nice if I could bookmark in my browser directly to reports I made or rules I made, or any other filter combination!
Hi Scotty,

This ask can be broken down into two steps. 1) My reports (reports created by me) 2) Save list of reports based on some filter criteria. For 1, we already implemented the similar functionality in dashboards (My Dashboards). If we do the same in reports (My Reports), how much do you still miss 2.



For Rules Engine, "Advanced Filter search" is definitely on the roadmap using which you will be able to list down rules based on combination of filters including "created by" and also be able to save a view similar to cockpit. Timelines are not decided yet for this enhancement as there are few priority items which are yet to be implemented but this should not be too far. I will keep you updated on the same.


Hey all,

Thanks for getting back to me, but I think my ask is being overcomplicated. All I want is the URL to change when I select different filter views so I can directly link to that filter view or bookmark it in my browser. 

Something like this:

Let me know if that makes sense.