Dependencies - Show if Assets are in use Data Management 2.0

The new Data Management UI for dependencies is an improvement, but another admin quality of life addition would be to include, context dependent for each type of asset, if it is active or not.


For example:

  • For rules, you could simply indicate if the rule is active/inactive.
  • For reports, it would be useful to know if that report is used in a dashboard, and which dashboard(s) it is on. 


This would enable admins to more easily at a glance find how to prioritize what they’re looking at and assess true dependency impacts. I’m sure this won’t be particularly easy given that each asset would have it’s own context around what ‘active/in use’ would mean, but it would be incredibly helpful.

Automatic vote from me for admin QoL suggestions!

I’d also add having a ‘scheduled’ flag for rules — similar to Object Analyser — would be really useful


Adding to this QoL thread, importing the description from the asset and showing it on this list. Helpful as I navigate and understand what reports or rules are using a field for without clicking through.


Thinking either another column in the middle, or on HOVER of the asset name pop a box that shows the description.