Depencency checker is truly unusable

Hi Team,

In dependencis tab under company, when we select a field in the top right filter it is not static, we need to re-select for every tab.



It would be helpful if we make the field to be static, so that we can see all the dependencies for that particular field with out reselecting the field for every tab.

+100000000000000000000000000. Absolutely required! 

Hi @andutta, could you bring this to the attention of the PM in charge? I’m currently cleaning up legacy fields from multiple objects, and the way this tool works is hellish. I get it that it’s not game changing as feature, but I’m pretty sure this is a quick fix that would make dependency checker usable. Currently have to multiply the time it takes to check dependencies by the number of “sections”. It’s inefficient. And it cannot continue. Thank you. 

@anirbandutta  This has been resolved with the latest release which included a revamp of dependency checker and answers all the asks from the above (besides the fact there’s a slight delay between a dependency being removed and dependency checker picking it up), which support has posted for me following one of my tickets. I think this needs to be updated to “released”.